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The Three Fates ~ The Three Graces Bronzed Statue (BD)


The Three Fates ~ The Three Graces Bronzed Statue

This intricately sculpted statue of the Three Fates also seen as the Three and Greek Goddesses of Fertility have been cased in high quality cold cast resin and hand finished with a heavy antique bronze piñata. The sculpture is a perfectly beautiful replica of the Three Graces sculpture from the Borghese Collection in the Louvre Museum in Paris.

A simply unparalleled nude of the Three Fates, is perfect for any home or altar table. Beautifully sculpted and detailed allowing the beauty of the Goddesses to show clearly from both sides of the statue. Fully detailed you may choose to have one or two of the Goddesses facing forward by turning the statue. This amazing stature is approximately 10 ½ inches tall and 7inches across with a wide 2 ½ inch base.

* In Greek Mythology, the Three Graces were the Chrarites named Aglae, Euphosyne, and Thalia, usually considered daughters of Zeus and Eurynome. Seen as the Three Fates, in classical mythology, man’s destiny is controlled by the Three Fates. When people are born the Fates determine how their lives will unfold, what will happen to them and when they will die. All human beings, and even the Gods, were subject to their whims, except perhaps for Jupiter, although opinion differed on this matter in antiquity.
The Fates are depicted from beautiful Goddesses to ugly old women, depending on your choice of history. (I choose beauty.) Each one with her own task. Clotho (the spinner) spun the ‘thread of life.’ Lachesis (the allotter) measured the thread with her measuring rod and thus ordained how long someone would live. Atropos (the unturnable) cut the thread of life when the time had come. In the visual arts the Fates also sometimes stand for death, or accompany Death on his rounds.