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Huge Skeleton Key Talisman (ED)


Huge Skeleton Key Talisman Wiccan Witch Magick

A skeleton key also known as a passing-key was a key that has been altered in such a way as to bypass the wards placed inside a warded lock. Many time especially in the South larger homes that had many doors with different locks but one master key, a Skeleton Key was used to unlock all the locks in the home.

A beautiful artistically designed Skeleton Key can be used as a decoration and or protection in any area of your home or Altar area. Its durable construction makes it perfect to hang on a wall, place on a table or use outdoors. This wonderful and magickally charged Skeleton Key Talisman is 13 inches long and 6 inches across the head of the key. Made of heavy cast metal with a round key shaft added with scrollwork and leafing. To add to it’s mystical feel the key has a patina of a dark bronze over black.

A Skeleton Key are seen as an amulet to open the doors of opportunity and success, and lock out or repel negative energies. In magick they are used for unlocking spells, magick, even the dreams of what is hidden within. Keys are a symbol of Hekate/Hecate the Goddess of Witches and Witchcraft since she carried and held the Keys to Hades. Therefore they have to power to shield and lock out those spirits that might cause harm or come into a home unwelcome.