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Spell Ball/Witch Ball Create Your Own Witch Ball Spell Set for Protection, Love Money ~ Heavy Glass


Glass Create Your Own Witch Ball Spell Set for: Protection, Love Money

This set comes prepared and ready to make according to the magick needs of you and your home. Inside the set, we have 3 different premixed herbal spell bags made by Lady Abigail. These have been blended according to the essence, energies and protection you desire to put within your Witch Ball.

The Create Your own Witch Ball Spell Set includes;

3 - Herbal Spell Bags

1 – Love: to draw love, protect love and keep love.

2 – Money: to draw money, make money and keep money.

3 – Protection: for personal or home protection, or to be added to the above mixes to add protection to them.

1- Witch Ball RED: The Witch Ball seals with a cork to hold the energies within the work and if within time you desire to change that direction you can do so. This lovely Witch Ball is made of a heavy durable glass that is over a 1/8 inch thick. It stands 4 inches x 4 inches and it has been blessed and is ready to hang it in your window, a room or at a door

1- Directions and How to use your Witch Ball printed on parchment.

Witch Balls have been around for centuries. Witch Balls are any color but purple and blue seem be favored. Put in windows where they were said to repel evil thoughts and curses. Depending on how they were made they could send hexes back to the sender.