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Banishing & Removing Negative Energy Pillar Candle (y)


Banishing & Removing Negative Energy Pillar Candle
Witch Made by Lady Abigail

Making candles for healing and spellwork is something I take very seriously. I have been making candles since I was a child and believe that every herb, crystal and oil added much be directed to the magick intention of the candle and spellwork.

This Banishing Candle is made to Remove Negative Energy from your home, office or person. Each candle has add just the right crystals and herbs added to enhance working and the removal of the unwanted and negative energies that can sometimes enter out life’s. This candle is 3 inches by 4 inches.

We have also included a bottle of Candle Blessing Oil, specially blended by Lady Abigail with essential oils and fragrances this Candle Blessing Oil is designed for adding energy and blessings to any candle or candles for spell work.